Metagama Play

On the 20th of August 2004, the Young Historians visited a drama production depicting the island life from before the first world war. "Metagama is a new play in English and Gaelic by celebrated Irish writer Dermot Healy, exploring the history, humanity, emotions and politics of that last great wave of emigration from The Western Isles." (words from the Metagama booklet). The Young Historians have extremely good reviews about the play.

Group at Studio Alba
From Left to Right: Ruairidh, Laura, Katie, Chrisann, Donnie, Ali

Chrisann' views
"One of the most enjoyable nights i've had out with my fellow members from the Young Historians. I really enjoyed myself, I would hope it happens again."

Laura's views
"A great Night. Very enjoyable."

Ali's views
"It was good, Hope it happens again."

Donnie's views
"It was a very enjoyable and informative production. I thoroughly recommend it!"

Katie's views
"The Young Historians recently went to see the new production of Theatre Hebrides. It was written by Dermot Healy. The play had a cast of eight; two females and six males.

The characters were all equally played brilliantly; however, some characters had much stronger parts: Vivien Grahame who played Miss Catherine Macdonald a comic performance when in Canada she and Mairi Morrison, Miss Gertrude Tullo were cleaning a ladies house and Vivien Grahame gives a brilliant performance and puts on a Canadian accent. Chris Craig also gives a brilliant performance as several different characters but the character which deserves most praise is Lord Leverhulme.

The night was a huge success and enjoyed thoroughly by all of those who attended. I personally enjoyed it thoroughly and can't wait till another production by Theatre Hebrides."

Ruairidh's views
"The play was tremendous! It was perfectly balanced on portraying the hard times our ancestors were going through and also showing the unique culture and humour of the islanders which unfortunately we have nearly lost. The show was particularly moving at the scene of the Iolaire sinking at Holm. Artair Donald played this part outstandingly well and it has been said that he had people crying at this point. The character John Campbell, was serving in France and he appeared emotional as after the boat sinking and him entering the random couples house. He said lines like, 'I thought that we had conquered death, but to die on just yards away from home, We could see the lights of Stornoway ( words are probably wrong but they were along those lines. The two funniest moments that i can remember is when John Campbell and the Captain is in the Trench in France and the two of them were having a chuckle to themselves. It was really funny because it was like they were having a chat at home! Another funny part was the part of Lord Leverhulme when he was chatting to the locals. He commented that the son was shining for the first time in 10 years, that would probably have been other islanders taking the Mickey!

The whole play was well rehearsed, well acted, well researched and well enjoyed. It was truly a masterpiece and hopefully there will be more plays to come!"