Quick Facts about North Tolsta

Facts you may not know about Tolsta

  • Tolsta, or Tolastadh in Scots Gaelic, is a Norse word meaning Tholf's farm
  • The first recorded mention of Tolsta was in 1590 when it appeared as Tolestaff
  • The village was highlighted in Martin Martin's book, A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland (1695)
  • Tolsta is comprised of three villages: North Tolsta, New Tolsta and Glen Tolsta
  • The placename Tolsta is also to be found in Sweden and Canada
  • Tolsta cemetery is known as St Michael's cemetery
  • 134 men from North Tolsta fought in the First World War - of these were the seven sons of a Tolsta widow
  • Eleven Tolsta men lost their lives in the Iolaire disaster
  • There is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) at Tolsta Head (Geological)
  • There is an SSSI at Garry (Biological)
  • There is a 'crannag' at Loch Osabhat
  • There's a fortified stac called Caisteil a'Mhorair at Garry