Minutes - February 2014

Note of the Meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Comann Eachdraidh Room on Thursday 20th. February 2014 at 8p.m.

1.  PRESENT: D. Murray, T. Edgar, D. Maciver, J. Macleod, D. Macdonald, M. Maciver, C.M. Smith, C. Macleod, M. Murray.
     APOLOGIES: E. Mackenzie, A. Mackenzie     CHAIR : D. Murray

2. Minute of Meeting of 21st.  January 2014 was approved.

3. Matters arising. Community has shown lots of interest in the boat building project. Meeting has been held in the Ceilidh House and all age groups were represented at this meeting.

4. General Office Supplies and Equipment ( Projector ) Projector has broken down. Bulb needs to be replaced and new bulb would cost £250. Committee agreed that a second - hand projector should be bought from Caskie.

5. Seanchas  Suggestions for new editor. Facebook. Donald told a “stunned” committee that he wished to step down as editor of Seanchas at the A.G. M. which will be held next month. Very successful Facebook page.  This is thanks to Taylor.   Iain  Mackenzie , Tong, has kindly sent photos which may be used for Seanchas or Facebook.

6. Heritage Sites  Rescheduled date for GPS/map meeting in Tigh Ceilidh. 4 committee members have already attended training for using new GPS devices. Meeting arranged for Tuesday 25th February at 7.30p.m. in the Tigh Ceilidh. Committee members who did not attend the training sessions in Stornoway will have an opportunity to learn to use the GPS equipment.

7. Effects of WW1 on the Village of North Tolsta  Update. C.M. gave an update of how project is progressing. She has quite a lot of material of war records etc of Tolsta people in WW1 but she would like community to become involved and to look out any material which people may have in their possession; photos, documents etc. - anything related to WW1.
We hope to arrange a public meeting in the Community Hall to show everything we have to date. Letters will be going out to invite people and to encourage them to bring along any material which they have at home.
C.M. has approached S. Matheson and R. Doig and they are both prepared to do a talk in the Community Hall later in the year. Exhibition in Fort George closes on 1st. August so visit to exhibition would have to be arranged for early summer.  C.M.to make a list of equipment which she needs for her project and to meet with Caskie to order.  New laptop also needed.

8. Hebridean Connection - Progress Report 2 societies are currently using the new system to create new records and edit existing records. 3 societies have provided Brother’s Keeper records which have been imported into the new system, making an impressive total of 12,800 records. D. Macdonald and D. Murray hope to attend training session on Friday afternoon. (28 Feb.) This session is for discussion, training and hands-on work.

9. A.G. M. - Monday 10th. March 2014 is the suggested date. As several committee members were unavailable on 10th. March it was agreed that the A.G.M. would be rescheduled for Wednesday 19th. March at 7.30p.m. in the Tigh Ceilidh..

10. Digitised Tapes -Donald Macdonald report 22 audio files have now been transferred to the computer.

11. Finance and Correspondence Balance to date is £19,152.59.

12. A.O.C.B.