How communications have changed

The first overland services

Cart and horse

The first type of vehicle used by the crofters was a long-bodied box-like cart, on wheels, with long protruding tromaichean, shafts, between which the horse was harnessed.  They had no springs between the body of the cart and the axle, just two pieces of timber, about two feet long.  A low gate or door closed each end of this cart whose sides were raised by the addition of sgiathan, top-sides, one of which was often used to make a seat for passengers, by placing it across from side to side. The main drawback to this type of vehicle was that before it could be unloaded, of peats or corn, the horse had to be unyoked, and then re-yoked before setting off for another load. Coup carts did not make their debut till about 1910.

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