lseabail Dhomhnaill Bhain

A family's story

lseabail Dhomhnaill Bhain decided, in 1873, to join her brothers and sisters near Lake Megantic in Quebec Province, her husband, Donald Buidhe, having died two years previously. All her children, except Murdo, went with her.

They were:

1. Donald Mor Buidhe and his wife, Kate Macleod, Ceit Saighdear, (20). The children were: John, Donald, Murdo D; other three were born in Canada, Kenneth, Margaret and Donald Beag

2. Donald Beag Buidhe or Donald Cuagach Buidhe, as he was also called, and his wife Isabella Murray, lseabail Og. Her mother had been married to a Norman Murray, Ness, but on her husband's death by falling off a load of herring nets five months before her baby was born, her mother returned to her father's house (John Smith, lan Og, Tolsta's first elder) at No. 24, and there lseabail was born and reared.

Her mother later married, as his second wife, Donald ban Maciver, (32). Six children were born to Donald and Iseabail in Canada. They were: Danny, Norman, Anne, Katie, Harry and Helen

3. Christina was married to Donald Murray, Domhnall Beag Choinnich, (27), as already mentioned. All their children were born in Tolsta. They lost five boys with typhus, before emigrating, two at one time; three were buried the same day.

They had four girls Christina, Effie, Kennina and Margaret. Christina was married twice, first to Donald Mackay, and secondly, to a William Macleod; Effie married her cousin, Kenneth Macdonald; Kennina died at eighteen in Massachusetts; Margaret married Alexander Nicolson, whose parents were among the early emigrants from Tolsta in 1852.

They had three girls, Christy Bell, Dolina, Catherine and a boy, Murray, who spent three years in a prisoner of war camp in Japan

4. John was a widower when he left Tolsta with his four children, Annie, Katie, Mary and Norman. He married thrice in Canada, the last time to a spinster named Macrae, who had a vile temper.

She finally set fire to their house, after making sure that all her own belongings had been removed to a place of safety

5. Margaret (Peigi) married a farmer near Milan, Quebec. She died young and childless